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Our shop is set up to give you access to purchase select GC retail collections @ discount prices , be an e-commerce venue for custom corporate purchasing and host fundraising campaigns.   We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and information gathering!  

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 Corporate sales hosting

  Fundraising with Green Changes One T @ a Time! 

How it works...

One T @ a Time is a concept designed to raise awareness and funds for causes through pre-selling 100% organic T's and eco friendly totes.  This process allows us to target our sales efforts, disperse information via specific channels, eliminate waste and maintain a low carbon footprint.


Click here to learn more about how fundraising with Green Changes works. 

 Do you have a campaign or sales effort you would like us to host?


For more information on any of our collections or how we can help with your custom printing needs pls contact: Jusitne Kawas, Team Leader, Green Changes   email : justine@greenchanges.org 


Check out one of the committed organizations that we work with www.dogday5k.org    

We printed pre race day T's, race day T's and went back for a 3rd round of printing hoodies and T's

on demand! 


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    Thank you for your eco chic taste and for supporting our cause One T @ a Time !